book iconOur Mission

Bridge Community Playschool is a small, neighborhood school that nurtures confidence and responsibility in children while exposing them to the world through play-based learning.

Paint-icon-round-100x100Our Philosophy

We believe strongly that children should be given opportunities to explore and discover at their own pace, without the added pressure to perform. We’ll nurture their natural curiosity and support their social/emotional, physical and cognitive developmental process in a personal way.  It is essential to develop a good rapport with each child, and also with each parent, based on open communication and mutual respect. Additionally, we will encourage an open door policy that will allow parents to stop by at any time, and we welcome their volunteerism in the classroom whenever possible.

pencil-icon-round-smOur Program

We currently offer a four-morning program for 3’s & PreK (4’s) with an option to add a fifth morning for PreK (4’s) children only.  Classes are held on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays from 8:45am-12:00pm (and also on Wednesdays for PreK children who opt for five mornings).

Parents may also choose to extend their child’s day until 2:30, either 2, 3 or 4 days per week for both 3’s and PreK (4’s) children.  Since children change so rapidly during their first year of school, the extended day option is offered by semester, fall and spring. This gives parents flexibility to add, subtract or keep the same number of extended days depending on their child’s needs.

Every child is guided through play-based and experiential learning by passionate teachers who understand the range of developmental levels of preschoolers. Small class sizes and an ideal  student-to-teacher ratio enables the teachers to have a powerful impact on each child’s development by giving them the individual attention that is essential during their early years.

Each classroom is supervised by a head teacher and supported by an assistant teacher. All head teachers hold or a working towards a master’s degree in education, and all staff members are selected because they best represent the mission and educational philosophy of Bridge Community Playschool.